Business Development

Business development may be about common sense, but it is often hard to know how to apply it! Most of my clients have a pretty good idea of where they want to go. They are just not sure about how to get there.

I have been advising the legal profession about business development and marketing for over 20 years. For information about the firms and organisations with whom I have worked please go to the “Clients” section.

The areas in which I have particular expertise and experience are:

Strategy and Business Planning

I develop business strategies and plans that are realistic, achievable and measurable. I do not belong to the school of “cut-and-paste” consultants who write a report for one client, then simply produce variations on the theme for subsequent clients. Instead, I work closely with you to understand your unique culture, people and values so that any plan will be specifically suited to what will work for your business.

Marketing Plans

I help to design, implement and monitor marketing plans which reflect your business plan and suit your budget. My aim is to help you achieve the best return on your marketing investment. I also offer advice and training on how to follow-up marketing initiatives, a process which is crucial to the success of any marketing plan, but which is often underestimated or ignored.

Client Surveys

There is no point spending time and energy chasing new work if your current clients are not completely satisfied with the service you provide. The best way to find out if they are happy is to ask them!

I have conducted dozens of client satisfaction surveys, contacting and talking to hundreds of clients. The information gleaned from these surveys is invaluable. Not only do you find out how well you are meeting your client’s needs, but you also obtain general information about the market that can help you with your future planning.

Business Development and Marketing Audits

Sometimes circumstances arise that require you to pause and reflect on your business strategy. It may be new legislation which will have an impact on the provision of legal services. It may be the recent downturn in the economy. You may be reviewing your recruitment strategy or your marketing spend. Or, unfortunately, you may be experiencing some sort of business or management crisis. Sometimes it helps to have an objective and independent view at this stage to help you plan your next move, or even to reassure you that you are moving in the right direction.

My business development audits are conducted over the course of 3-5 days and review such things as your marketing and strategic plans, staff and management issues, client care programmes and training needs. The audit helps you to identify issues that need to be addressed, including suggestions as to when and how to address them.

A business, to be successful, needs an effective infrastructure to support it. Consequently, my business development consulting is often combined with coaching and bespoke training for individuals and/or teams.